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Even if you’ve never picked up a wrench before, you can learn how to maintain your own vehicle and cut your car repair expenses by doing simple repairs. How do I know? Because, with the help of some books on car repair and some online research, I learned how to do my own maintenance and minor repairs on my vehicle. I started this blog to help others learn the same skills. Here’s where you can learn which tools you need to have and what supplies to keep on hand. Find out how to locate used parts and save money where ever possible. Knowing how to do DIY car maintenance and repairs can save you a lot of money every year.



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3 Things to Ask When You Need an Emergency Tow Truck

If you've ever had a car broken down on the side of the road, then you know just how scary the situation can be. That's especially true if it's on the side of a busy highway or in a remote area. If you ever deal with a broken down car, you may be tempted to use the first available towing company you can find. However, that could be a mistake. If you choose the wrong towing company, you may pay more than you should or you may not get the level of service you need. It's worth it to take a few minutes and call several companies to ask a few questions before booking a tow truck. Here are three important questions to ask.

How are the rates calculated? Many tow truck companies should be able to quote you a flat rate if you give them your pickup spot and your destination. However, it's possible that there could be an add-on rate per mile. That's especially true if the flat rate seems a bit low. Make sure you clarify what the total estimated cost will be.

Also, if the towing company will need to store the car on their lot for a day or two, make sure you check on what the storage costs will be.

How will the truck be marked? Often, when you're broken down, you just want to see any tow truck arrive. However, if you've already booked a truck and have nailed down a specific rate, you want to be sure that the truck that shows up is in fact the one that you booked. Some towing companies will stop on their own if they see a broken down car. Or others may monitor police or traffic scanners to listen for breakdowns and then proactively show up.

While these towing companies may want to offer help, you'll likely want to use the towing company that you spoke with on the phone. Make sure you ask how your truck will be marked so you can recognize it when it arrives. The truck should either have a company logo or the driver should have some form of identification to let you know that they are the correct company.

Can you and your passengers ride in the truck? The tow truck will take care of your car, but you and your passengers may also need to get to your destination. Most tow trucks will allow one or two people to ride in the cab. If that's your plan, let the company know so they can make sure the cab is clean. If you have more passengers, ask the towing company if they have a passenger van or car they can send and how much that will cost. If not, they should be able to at least call a taxi or even a police car to come out and help you.

For more information, contact a towing company like Marv's Quality Towing Inc in your area. They can help you get the emergency service that you need.