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Even if you’ve never picked up a wrench before, you can learn how to maintain your own vehicle and cut your car repair expenses by doing simple repairs. How do I know? Because, with the help of some books on car repair and some online research, I learned how to do my own maintenance and minor repairs on my vehicle. I started this blog to help others learn the same skills. Here’s where you can learn which tools you need to have and what supplies to keep on hand. Find out how to locate used parts and save money where ever possible. Knowing how to do DIY car maintenance and repairs can save you a lot of money every year.



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Protecting Your Used Car Investment

Are you getting ready to shop for a used car? If you are, you have likely weighed the options of where to buy from. Not only do you have the option of buying from an independent car seller, but you can also utilize a used car dealership. Each option has their own benefits, but you may find that shopping from a used car dealership is a better way to protect your investment. This is because a used car dealership can provide you with services like:

Added Warranty Protection

When shopping for a used car that may already have 30k-40k miles on the odometer, you will likely no longer receive a manufacturer warranty on your vehicle. This puts you at risk of having to pay for any defects the vehicle may have, which is why getting an added warranty plan from a dealership is critical. This added warranty will provide you with protection even if the manufacturer warranty is no longer valid, which can prevent you from having to pay out of pocket for major defects that your car may experience over time.

DMV Documentation Services

Another way a dealership can protect your investment is by providing and doing all the legal documentation for your car sale. This ensures you receive the bill-of-sale and have the title transferred into your name without any issues or delays. This can definitely help you avoid potential legal issues and save you the hassle of spending hours at your local DMV to do it yourself.

High-Quality Vehicle Selection

Used car dealerships have a reputation to maintain, which means they want to ensure their customers are satisfied with their car purchase. This benefits you because that means they will only sell cars that meet their expectations and requirements. They will sell you a car that will drive and perform properly, so you can avoid having to put any more towards repairs shortly after your purchase. Not only can this improve your investment on a used car, but this can give you more confidence when shopping as you can be certain that you are buying a reliable vehicle.

Services and features like these can make shopping for a used car much easier as you can be more confident that the car you are buying is worth the investment. So, before you potentially hurt your investment by shopping from an independent seller, be sure to take advantage of all the perks and protection a used car dealership like Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc. can provide.