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Even if you’ve never picked up a wrench before, you can learn how to maintain your own vehicle and cut your car repair expenses by doing simple repairs. How do I know? Because, with the help of some books on car repair and some online research, I learned how to do my own maintenance and minor repairs on my vehicle. I started this blog to help others learn the same skills. Here’s where you can learn which tools you need to have and what supplies to keep on hand. Find out how to locate used parts and save money where ever possible. Knowing how to do DIY car maintenance and repairs can save you a lot of money every year.



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How To Grease The Steering And Driveshaft Parts On Your New Pick-Up Truck

Driving out of the dealership in your new pick-up truck is a great feeling, but the moment you drive it away is also the time to start planning on how you are going to keep the truck running well over the long run.

Most people know they'll have to change the oil on a regular basis to make sure the engine parts stay lubricated so the parts don't over-heat and wear down quicker than they should, but most people don't realize that other areas of the truck need to be lubricated to make sure other parts like ball joints in your front suspension don't wear down faster than they should.

Here is how an average Do-It-Yourselfer car mechanic can grease the steering and drive shaft parts on typical pick-up truck by themselves:

You Will Need:

  • Grease
  • Grease Gun
  • 1/8" Allen Wrench
  • Rag

Using a Grease Gun

Wipe the grease pin with a rag to remove any dirt and debris from the pin. Slide the grease gun coupling over the pin and push it down until you feel it snap into place. Pump the handle of the grease gun until grease comes out of the seal around the pin (if grease flows out around the coupling connection when you first start to pump, it either means that the coupling hasn't been firmly attached to the pin or the grease pin is plugged – in which case you'll have to remove the pin and clean it out).

Grease Points:

  • Steering Arm. You should grease the steering arms on both sides of the vehicle. The steering arm is connected to the to the tops of the front axle on the inside of the both front wheels.
  • Pitman Arm. The Pitman Arm connects the steering arm to the steering box and can be found on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Ball Joints. You should grease the lower and upper ball joints. The ball joints are located at the end of both sides of the axle and they are located above and below a u-joint at the ends of the axle.
  • U-Joint. The u-joints need to be greased as well. Two of the u-joints are by the ball joints, but there are also two other u-joints located on the front and back drive-shaft. The front u-joint is by the transfer case and the back one is near the rear axle.
  • Slip Yokes. The front slip yoke is located between the front drive-shaft and the u-joint. The back slip yoke is located between the back drive-shaft and the u-joint.

Greasing the steering and drive-shaft parts on your pick-up truck regular basis can help extend the life of your u-joints, steering arms, ball joints, and Pitman Arm. You should check your service manual to find out what the manufacturer's recommendations are for your vehicle and what type of grease you should use. The service manual should also have diagrams to help you locate the parts and pins you need to grease.

To learn more, contact a company like Excel Ford Lincoln with any questions you have.